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Our PIN controlled, barcode driven terminals restrict access to authorized users only.  With our easy-to-use tracking and reporting software, you will always know: Who took it? When did they take it? Where is it now?

Our Tracking & Reporting Software tells you

+ Who used it
+ What was taken
+ Why the item was needed
+ Where is it now
+ When was it taken, and when was it returned

Click below to view a sample PDF

No more missing or incomplete paperwork

Here is a sample of the reports that the system can produce.
"In Use" Report:
Report to check items checked out
Verification Report:
Report to check stock on hand
History of Items Checked In Report:
Item history - who had the item
and when did it get checked in.
Item History Report: History
of item checked out and photos
of employees who checked it out.
Restrictions Report:
Verify list of items employee can check out. This is a great tool to monitor staff usage of company vehicles etc.
Damage Report: Staff completes damage
report. This is pulled to make sure damage gets corrected before the next shift.
Auto Inventory Report:
History of when item was checked out and checked in.
Consumable Usage Report:
Verify usage of item by staff member
and/or whether item is in or out of stock.

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